Sisterhood of the Traveling Group Message

Now that I’m not at school and I’m taking a semester off, it really helps you realize who your friends actually are. Who wants to keep a relationship, and who never cared all along. I’m at a point in my life where I’ve decided that I won’t take any sh*t from anyone. I’m not in middle school, I’m an adult who doesn’t have time for these back-and-forth games. I don’t want to be surrounded with fake people or people who just aren’t worth my effort.

So let’s get real about my friends. We all have friends and they can pretty much be summed up in some simple categories: your go-to group message, the friends you’ve known since you were little, your college friends, your high school friends, and the friends who really aren’t your friends anymore… I’ve been very fortunate in my life to find myself surrounded by a great group of people who have gone through so much with me.

When my father was in the hospital, these people were at my side without hesitation, and when his funeral came around they literally stood by my side through it all. They crawled in bed with me with some Ben and Jerry’s after a breakup, when I didn’t have my license they were my rides to school, and whenever I need a good b*tch fest, they’re always there. These are the people who know that I won’t eat the tomatoes on my salad, things that I never even expected them to know.

I’ve been with the same group of friends since Freshman year of high school, and before, so I really knew my friends before I ever really even knew myself. I got to grow with them and see the beautiful  women that they are becoming, and I’m nothing but proud to stand next to them through it all. These women will be my bridesmaids, they will be the “aunts” to my children, and no matter where life brings me I know that they’ll always be with me and support me through it all.

To my friends: Thank you all for every clothing item (borrowed or stolen), every hot tub night, ~*virgin*~ pina coladas, for letting me always take center stage in photos, for staying behind with me in Spain when I was sick, and for always letting me cry on your shoulders. You’re all so unique in your own ways, and from Russia to Branford, you’ll all accomplish whatever you set your mind to.

Happy Galentine’s to my forever friends! You all deserve the world.